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Primark is an Irish clothing retailer, operating in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Primark is known for selling clothes at the budget end of the market. There currently isn't any Primark Online Shopping available direct from the company. The company's success is based on sourcing supply cheaply, making clothes with simple designs and fabrics, only making them in the most popular sizes, buying stock in huge bulks and varieties and not advertising. Please visit Primark for any further information on the primark name and brand.

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Primark has received some criticism for its lack of online presence. While they do have a great website, yet it leaves a lot of consumers wanting more. Kevin Gibbins points out that the site lacks even a basic online catalogue, let alone the ability to shop online. Yet there is a high demand for Primark Online Shopping. A passionate number of individuals have set up a facebook group demanding action at "Bring Primark Shopping Online". With this high demand for Primark Accessories online its only a matter of time before they take heed.

Famous Designer Clothing Brands

American Apparel

The UK branch of American Apparel is known for taking the classics and making them sexy, and it’s true. Items that you would never think are sexy take on a new look when you browse through an online catalogue, or regular catalogue for any American Apparel collection.

For the most part, the major push of American Apparel is to give Brit’s a chance to indulge in some of the classic ‘lazy’ looks of the American fashion scene, and infuse them with a sharp edge that can make even a pair of stripped socks look pretty hot.

This year for women, tights are big at American Apparel, as they are pretty much everywhere, as well as body suits that can be exposed at will, to add spice to an outfit or to complete an edgy look.

Also popular are tops and sweaters that are button downs, which still offer a defined look for those who have a little librarian inside of them, and trying to get out. Also popular skinny trousers and knickers, but in several outlandish colours that will have people looking twice, once to check out the crazy colours and second to check out your body.

For men the look is casual and button downed, mixed with the indie looks of LA, which is only fitting since all of the clothes made for the UK American Apparel line are modelled after LA looks.

Emphasized greatly with each of these looks are trousers that are not skin tight, but pretty close for men. Colour is also a big deal in the entire collection of American Apparel tops for men with brilliant splashes of colour, noticeable in almost all of the male clothing lines, especially many colours that are typically reserved for women including baby blues, pinks, and purple

Armani Clothing

Believe it or not!

This designer started a career in medicine before he gave it up to pursue a creative career in photography. Unfortunately he had to leave it midway as he had been called for national service in the year 1957. He started his career in the field of fashion as a window dresser in a department store called the La Rinascente. After his short stint as a window dresser, he finally got a break as a designer in a popular fashion house, Nino Cerutti. He worked here for almost a decade from 1961 to 1970. Bigger dreams beckoned him and he left this place as well to pursue a career as a fashion designer with a difference. He freelanced before he started his own label with the help of his partner, Sergio Galeotti in 1974. The label was known as Giorgio Armani S.p.A. that had only menswear with women’s wear following the next year. Of course, we are talking about one of the famous designers of all times, none other than Giorgio Armani himself.

About Giorgio Armani Himself!
Born on the 11th of July, 1934, Giorgio Armani has come a long way since his beginning as a window dresser. He is an Italian designer who is known more for his menswear designs. After catering to many Hollywood biggies, Richard Gere, in particular, for his 1980 movie, American Gigolo, Armani burst onto the international scene. Armani became the first designer to telecast his haute couture spring/summer 2007 collection live on the net.

Giorgio Armani is known for…
Giorgio Armani suits are well known across the globe for his clean and tailored lines. He has clients spread all across the planet. In the Forbes list, 2001 and then again in 2006; he was named as one of the most successful Italian designer. Since his first official launch in 1974, Giorgio Armani has introduced many labels, which include Armani shirts, Armani denims, clothes for the kids, women and The Works. All of which have proved a huge success the world over. Listed below are some of his labels.

Some Giorgio Armani Labels…

Armani Exchange (A|X): This particular collection was first created in 1991and figured in the affordable bracket. At the moment, this label is available in 45 international and 63 American boutiques. Due to its popularity, the prices of Armani Exchange soared making it more expensive.

Armani Junior: As the name suggests, Armani Junior is a label for all the fashion conscious kids out there. Armani Junior has can be bought at its boutiques that are located at 15 locations across the globe. This collection is also located at selected Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores.

Armani Collezioni: This particular label caters to the professional men and women and is only available in high end boutiques in America. However, Armani Colleioni does have its own boutiques across the globe, but only thirteen.

Armani Privé: This is the label that made the news when it was broadcasted live on the Internet. You won’t be able to purchase this line off the racks. If you are looking to own one of these, then you will need to place an order. It will be tailored for you and no prizes for guessing the cost of this line, which is obviously over the top.

Banana Republic

With so many American brands cashing in by spreading to the UK market, it should come as no surprise that the sister label to Gap, Banana Republic is doing quite well.  Banana Republic specializes in particular with classy office wear, for those who want to be hip and fashionable without going too far off the deep end into the risqué runway looks at work.

The main focus of most of the looks in Banana Republic are a touch of designer up market appearance and pricing, which seems to have a unique draw, since people are willing to pay more for the feeling of owning designer wear.

For women, Banana Republic has a wide array of merino and wool sweaters that focus on the chunky and warm look, with emphasis on the neckline and shoulders, showing a more sculpted and edgy look.

Almost all of the looks are marketed for wear with skinny jeans, which seem to be the most in style at the moment, in almost every fashion forward collection.  Toss in a military sculpted blazer from the Banana Republic collection, and you will be in perfect style for the coming cold part of the year.

For men Banana Republic has several blue and black trousers to offer, although the focus for men, as it always has been, is not in the pants, but instead layering the right items on the top.  Men are encouraged to revisit wool and vests this winter, with a carefully layered long scarf over top.

As a side note, scarves from Banana Republic for women are also a major seller this year.  To top it all off, Banana Republic is emphasizing wool long trench coats for men, as the finishing touch to the perfect pile up of style.

Calvin Klein

As it has for many years, the main emphasis of Calvin Klein in the UK has always been jeans that are finished off with sophisticated tops, which give their wearers an edgy sharp look, which has probably contributed a great deal to the success of Calvin Klein in the UK.

This year is no exception as both the men’s and women’s line focus on defining the shape of the wearer, without overtly drawing attention to the wearer due to the casual style.  However, when paired correctly, both clothing collections will quickly catch every fashion admirer’s eyes.
For woman the Calvin Klein look is sharp outer layers that give shape to looser basic tops and classic tees.  Sweaters, blazers, and leather are all popular choices offered by Calvin Klein to surround subtle tones inside.

One thing notable about the collection is that turtle necks and covered necks are completely out, with open ended v-neck, oval neck, and asymmetrical necklines in style.  In other words, this season it is all about the neck. As with most brands, when it comes to the jeans, the skinnier you can squeeze into the better.

For men, both button down and casual sweaters are offered in the Calvin Klein catalogue, although if the shirt is not fitted, tucked in is recommended.  Embroidery on casual tees is all the rage in the new catalogue, along with jeans that are loosely fitted, although the emphasis is on fitted.  Peacoats, which are a large part of the men’s collection, as well as quilted and velvet blazers.  Vests are often popular as a layered item, topped off by scarves which seem to be the must have for men this year.

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